Among Us Platformer

Among Us Platformer

Among Us Platformer invites you to join the adventure on mysterious bases. Players will play the role of a small robot, a featured entity in Among Us. You will take turns passing platforms with different challenges. It is impossible to know the end point, so you must constantly explore and open up new segments in the journey. In this virtual world, "companions" accidentally become impostors. If a collision occurs, your character will be unable to continue.

Explore the unique features

  • Challenge players with diverse levels, from navigating through dangers to solving complex puzzles.
  • Players must be careful and alert to avoid other characters' appearances in order to continue the adventure.
  • Splitting segments in Among Us Platformer will take you to unlimited experiences. No matter how many times a character crashes, the round will continue at the beginning of that section instead of starting over from the starting spot.

How To Play

You just need to use the arrow keys to control all the movements of your character. Watch out for jumping segments to get over wormholes or other enemies. Use smart key combinations to make the most effective moves. Are you confident that you can conquer your ideal distance? Only by participating will you know how good your skills are. Every step in this game is a challenge that helps you practice your virtual adventure skills.

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