Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

This amazing version of Geometry Dash is developed by Griffpatch from Scratch. The game offers players 21 levels with difficult challenges and obstacles. You can enjoy this fantastic rhythm-based endless running game with lots of levels that provide different difficulties and a list of best scores, including Stereo Madness, Back on Track, Polargeist, etc.

How To Play

The rule of Geometry Dash is quite simple: you just need to avoid obstacles that appear everywhere along your way. But hold on, don't underestimate the game because you will fail soon! Geometry Dash may seem easy at first, but mastering it is really hard. You will have a chance to train your reflexes and concentration. Control the cube to stay alive as long as possible, score high points, and avoid tricky obstacles. Furthermore, there will be awesome bonus gifts if you can reach a specific level. Now, press start and feel the rhythm to successfully navigate dangerous obstacles.


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