Milk Clicker

Milk Clicker

Milk Clicker invites you to enter the sweet world of delicious milk cartons. You can freely produce fresh cartons of milk with just a few simple mouse clicks. Besides, players can also build their own empire with great upgrade features.

Let's start as a hardworking farmer trying to milk the cows on your digital farm. After reaching a certain level of achievement, players can explore amazing abilities. These upgrades can make each of your clicks more powerful or enable auto-production. In particular, the exchange value of these enhancements will not change, no matter how many times you buy them. This is a great opportunity to shorten your exploration time and prolong the excitement of your gaming experience.

Explore the Ultimate Upgrades

Milk Clicker has a total of 16 upgrades, with two main types:

  • Increase the power of key presses: when unlocking these abilities, each key press you make will produce an amount of milk equivalent to the number of items purchased.
  • Automatic score increase: This is a marvelous feature that makes the number of your milk cartons increase continuously.

How To Play

Optimize your score, strategies for purchasing and using upgrades are also extremely important. Focus on the first manual turns, and then just activate the automatic feature and wait for the next milestone.

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