Getting Over It

Getting Over It

Getting Over It is an awesome fan game developed by Griffpatch from Scratch, based on the popular Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Both of these games have the same objective but differ in theme. Your mission in this game is to climb carefully with a hammer. Let's see how far you can go and try to use physics to your advantage!

In this game, instead of a man trapped in a pot trying to climb up mountains, you will play the role of a cat trapped in a tree pot, climbing through various colorful blocks and giant fruits. It's similar to the original game but more tricky and fun.

Here are some useful tips for you: Take your time and go steady because going fast may cause you to go back to where you began. Use the hammer wisely since it's the key factor in leveraging yourself over tricky terrains. And last but not least, stay cool and keep retrying.

How To Play

Use the keyboard and mouse.