The Battle Cats!

The Battle Cats!

Welcome to The Battle Cats!, an exciting game created by LWCoding from Scratch! In this game, your goal is to gather cat food by clicking on the cat in the middle. Use the cat food to purchase and upgrade your cats in the upgrades section. Once you're ready, click "Start!!" to engage in thrilling battles against enemies!

How To Play

As you defeat certain enemies, you'll unlock new and evolved forms of cats. Some cats have the potential to evolve up to two times to reach their true and powerful forms. It's your job to strategically choose and deploy your cats to overcome the increasingly challenging enemies you encounter. The enemies become harder and more diverse, so get yourself ready!

Who would have thought that cats would be at the forefront of taking over the world? From going viral and wreaking havoc on priceless objects, take it even further in The Battle Cats. Conquer the world, conquer the moon, conquer the entire galaxy, and beyond!

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