Roblox Clicker

Roblox Clicker

Welcome to Roblox Clicker, where you will start your journey from a new boy into a world full of fun! In this game, you will start by clicking quickly to earn money and build your own empire. Get ready to embark on your adventure and become a billionaire!

Click-to-point Gameplay

In Roblox Clicker, your goal is to make money by clicking or using shortcuts to generate resources. You can use earned coins to buy enhancements, tools and decorations to increase your clicking speed and your scoring potential. Besides, from time to time, giant coins will appear, adding an impressive amount of coins to your current score.

The special feature that makes this game so addictive is unlocking upgrades. When players achieve the required number of points for each support, they can activate it. This is the simple but attractive tactical element that this game introduces. You need to know how to optimize your score with automatic counters and power-ups with each keystroke.

How To Play

In this attractive world, players can also customize the interface (click on the brush icon), expressing their own unique style.

  • Players can choose the look of the center coin as well as the game's background color.
  • Furthermore, you can also change the background music with vibrant melodies that stimulate your gaming spirit.

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