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Discover the hottest and most interesting titles with Scratch Games! Try out various games written in Scratch and made by the awesome community!

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Welcome to Scratch Games, an all-in-one destination for those who want to try the best games made by Scratch, a popular programming language aimed at young programmers! Explore our list of games that have been carefully picked from the best of the best. From exciting multiplayer action games to addictive idle clickers, you will certainly at least find one game that will keep you hooked for hours!

What is Scratch?

If you are familiar with the concept of coding, you may know programming languages such as C++ and Python, and Scratch is another one of them. However, Scratch was created with young people in mind, with an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface and simple instructions. With it, anyone can create games, digital stories, and animations!

Scratch is not only a programming language, but it also provides a free and open-source creative coding platform for children between the ages of 8 and 16 to code and share their creations with the online community. It was first made available as a desktop application by the MIT Media Lab in 2007 and has since been translated into over 70 languages. In 2013, Scratch was no longer confined to a desktop app; it was brought to web browsers as Scratch 2.0. Its latest version is Scratch 3.0 (2019), which can be accessed from the browsers of any device, including tablets.

As of 2023, Scratch had over 103 million users in 196 countries, solidifying its position as the world’s largest creative coding community aimed at young people. The main aim of Scratch creators is to help young people acquire creative thinking, systematic reasoning, and collaborative working—all three essential life skills in the current era.

Scratch offers limitless possibilities, including creating your own characters and sound effects and adding them to your game or animation. It promotes computational thinking and problem-solving skills for young programmers. Furthermore, there is also a programming language for children from five to seven years old, titled ScratchJr. This even more simplified language requires no prior knowledge of reading or math skills but offers the same enjoyment for creators!

What Makes Scratch Games so Unique and Popular?

Scratch is unique in the way that it promotes collaboration between users. Anyone can remix the previously uploaded creation to add a little bit of themselves. In addition, it comes with a library full of premade sprites and backgrounds, so users can easily create games without having to design characters and make their own graphics. Otherwise, it is also very simple to import the assets and make whatever they can think of. Best of all, Scratch Games are easily accessible, so you can take your time finding the type of game you want to play!

With everything said, you can even make your game from Scratch today (no pun intended)! Check out our list of video instructions to get you started here!

Discover the Most Popular Scratch Games Now!

Getting Over It

Get ready for one of the most challenging and frustrating experiences ever with Getting Over It! This Scratch version is inspired by the game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, but this time, players take control of the Scratch Cat, who is now stuck inside a pot! His only way to move around is to use a hammer to climb to the top. Navigate through a surreal landscape and prepare for the painfully realistic physics, which can be either beneficial or irritating (which, most of the time, is the latter)!

Massive Multiplayer Platformer

One can argue that naming a massive multiplayer platformer as "Massive Multiplayer Platformer" is quite mind-boggling in itself, but don’t be fooled by that. It is, in fact, a brilliant game that puts players on a course full of dangerous obstacles that will certainly offer hours of fun! Participate in a speedrun with other online players, complete the course, and return to register your time and be rewarded with a parachute. The player with the sparkling rainbow color is the fastest one!


Arena is a thrilling action game in which players fight against the CPU or other players in a beautiful pixel arena. Choose a character and his ability, pick up the weapon crates inside the arena, and be the last one standing! Best of all, up to four players can take part in this exciting game!

Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker is yet another insanely addictive clicker game in which you click the…candy. That’s really all there is to it. However, if you don’t want to break your mouse doing that indefinitely, don’t forget to invest in different upgrades so the candies can generate themselves! If this game is your cup of tea, don’t forget to check out its sequel, Candy Clicker 2!

Planet Clicker

In Planet Clicker, all players have to do is increase energy production and acquire other planets. To speed things up, be strategic in buying and upgrading different items for better energy production, and watch the counter increase without you mashing your mouse! Discover all the universe has to offer with this enjoyable clicker game!

Paper Minecraft

If you ever wondered what a 2D version of Minecraft would look like, try out Paper Minecraft and build whatever you can think of! This fan-made version offers all three game modes just like the original game, but this time players have the option to choose between Steve and Alex. In addition, the game can give you a little help at the beginning with a chest full of items!

Hobbs Home

Hobbs Home is a charming adventure game in which players navigate Hobbs, a cute little dog who got separated from his owner. Help Hobbs reunite with his most beloved person and discover 10 hidden bones along the way!

Geometry Dash

This fan-made version of the original Geometry Dash has everything you love about the original game, but with a simplified interface! In addition, the creator of this Scratch game has posted instructions on how he made this game, so be sure to check them out if you are interested!