Arena is an exciting battle game that takes place inside an arena. It was created by theChAOTiC from Scratch. In this game, you can challenge your friends or take on the AI in intense battles to determine who will become the ultimate champion of the arena. Prepare for fast-paced combat, platforming, a variety of weapons, sleek graphics, an intuitive interface, and more!

Game Modes:

  • Deathmatch: It's a classic mode where you need to get kills to win.
  • Gun Game: Level up your gun by getting kills. You must get a kill with each gun to secure victory.
  • Roulette: Master every weapon as there are constant weapon swaps.
  • Shotty Snipers: This mode focuses on snipers and shotguns.
  • Arcade: Enjoy random gameplay elements.
  • Zone Control: Secure control points to earn points and win the game.
  • Survival: Face off against a relentless zombie horde and try to survive.

How To Play

  • Player 1 (P1): Use "W" to move up, "A" to move left, "D" to move right, and "S" to shoot.
  • Player 2 (P2): Use the arrow keys to move, with the down arrow used for shooting.
  • Player 3 (P3): Use "J" to move left, "L" to move right, "I" to move up, and "K" to shoot.
  • Player 4 (P4): Use "F" to move left, "H" to move right, "T" to move up, and "G" to shoot.


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