Among Us

Among Us

If you ever wonder how Among Us would be without the Imposters, don’t miss out on this game! It is a casual game made by Soupgrapes. Inspired by the highly popular online game of the same name, Among Us challenges players to work alongside one another to complete different tasks on the spaceship!

Among Us features a series of tasks for players to complete, just like in the original game. From swiping the card with the right speed to downloading files, the game has it all! In addition, any player can use the vent system for fast travel since, in this game, there are no Imposters and no voting! The game features three different modes: Local, Online, Freeplay. Try your best to complete the tasks as quickly as possible!

How To Play

  • Control the Crewmate with the arrow keys.
  • Interact with items on the ship with the spacebar.
  • Complete tasks with your left mouse button.


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