Impostor is a version of the famous Among Us game with interesting gameplay. In this game, you will join a crew on a spaceship. You can be a member of the crew and work to monitor the ship and find impostors. Or you might be an impostor, and your mission is to eliminate crew members without getting caught.
When becoming an impostor, your mission is to integrate with your teammates and find opportunities to sneak attack. You must destroy them one by one while avoiding attention by hacking the ship's systems and causing chaos. By using the vents, you can move quickly and secretly around the ship. Your goal is to confuse and disrupt the crew just enough to ensure their failure.
Be careful not to stab members when no one is around to witness. You will be discovered if you are caught near a dead body, because every time a body is found, the members will gather to find the person to be chased away. To get more idle time, you can also sabotage machines. Test your ingenuity and ability to bluff, con, and survive.

How To Play

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Use the mouse to interact

Among Us series

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