Among Us Scratch

Among Us Scratch

Among Us Scratch is a recreation of the popular game Among Us, created by TimMcCool from Scratch. You can create a room or join an existing one to play with up to 10 Scratchers online. In the game, there's a red button in the middle of the map that calls for an emergency meeting. Please avoid pressing it randomly.

How To Play

  • [WASD] or [arrow keys]: Move
  • [Space]: Use or vent (as an impostor)
  • [R]: Report a body
  • [Q]: Take away lives (as a imposter)

To start the game, the host clicks the "start" button. Each player is assigned either the "Crewmate" or "Impostor" role at the beginning.

The game ends under the following conditions:

  • All impostors are eliminated (victory for the crew)
  • The crew completes all tasks (victory for the crew)
  • The number of impostors equals the number of crewmates (victory for the impostors)
  • The crew fails to fix a critical sabotage in time

Sabotages can occur during the game and here are some tips:

  • Reactor: Two people need to press the hand on different spots.
  • O2: The code must be entered on both spots.
  • Lights: All switches should be turned to make all lights green.