5 is a really popular snake game where the goal is to make your snake as big as possible by eating these colorful orbs in a huge arena. Watch out for other snakes because they can eat you too! This game is the best attempt at a Multiplayer game by Griffpatch from Scratch. 

How To Play

Basacily, you control a snake, and your job is to eat those glowing orbs to grow. The more you eat, the bigger and more powerful your snake becomes. With a big snake, you can trap and take down smaller snakes. At the start, you're a small snake, so be careful and focus on eating and avoiding getting eaten. Once you're big enough, you can use a boost to go faster and catch up to other snakes. But be careful because boosting makes you smaller, so use it wisely.

There are also special orbs in When a snake passes away, it drops all its orbs, and the bigger the snake, the more orbs there are to collect. These can help you grow quickly. Sometimes, you'll see special orbs floating around the arena. These orbs are worth more than the regular ones, so it's a good idea to chase after them. Once you've grown enough, you can start circling around smaller snakes, trapping them and making it harder for them to escape. And if you become really huge, you can catch multiple small snakes at once, which gives you even more points and makes you even stronger.


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