Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker

If you love clicker games like Cookie Clicker, don’t miss out on Candy Clicker by Coltroc! In this game, players can have plenty of fun masking their mouse button to generate as many candies as possible! Use the acquired candies to purchase tons of upgrades, so you won’t have to click manually anymore!

Candy Clicker features simple yet addictive gameplay. The whole premise of the game revolves around the ability to generate as many candies per second as possible, which is usually done by automating the clicking process. As simple as that may sound, players will need to be strategic with their hard-clicked candies and choose the best investments, so the returns will be at their best! In addition, sometimes gold candy will appear, floating through the screen. Click on it quickly to receive a ton of candies!

How To Play

Click on the candy on the screen to create even more candy. Acquire more upgrades to generate even more candy.

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