Suika Game Clicker

Suika Game Clicker

Suika Game Clicker is a relaxing clicker game that helps players immerse themselves in the world of fresh fruits. In this game, players can plant and care for their own gardens. Accumulate to unlock new fruits as well as open the fruit juice-making feature. Players can purchase different types of upgrades to build their own fruit farm.

How To Play

  • Fruit Farming: Producing a wide range of fruits is the main objective of the game. As they advance, players are able to progressively advance to more exotic and rare fruits, starting with basic fruits like apples and oranges.
  • Clicking Mechanic: To harvest fruits, the main gameplay mechanic is tapping or clicking on the screen. Fruit is obtained by clicking, and this fruit is used as in-game money.
  • Upgrades: Players can make a variety of upgrades with the fruit money they have earned to enhance their fruit farming business. Upgrades may include more automated harvesting techniques, quicker fruit growth, and improved click efficiency.
  • Unveiling New Fruits: As the game progresses, players will get the chance to find and grow new, unusual fruits. These fruits provide various advantages and sources of income in addition to diversifying the farm.
  • Juice-Making Capabilities: Players can experiment with the world of juicing in addition to cultivating and harvesting fruits. This part of the game lets players turn the fruits they've harvested into valuable and tasty juices that can be sold for even more money.
  • Relaxing Experience:  Suika Game Clicker is made to offer a calm and stress-free gaming environment. It's the perfect option for players who want to relax and have a leisurely gaming session because of its calming graphics, relaxing sound effects, and rewarding progression.
  • Goals and Achievements: To motivate players to pursue diverse objectives, the game frequently incorporates goal-setting mechanisms and achievement systems. These goals can be anything from perfecting the art of juicing to hitting a particular fruit yield.

Clicker games without a predetermined endpoint, such as Suika Game Clicker, frequently have infinite progression. In an effort to increase their fruit farm's productivity and success, players can keep growing and improving it.

How to control

  • Use the mouse.

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