Cupcake Clicker

Cupcake Clicker

Enter a sweet world with adorable cupcakes in Cupcake Clicker. In this game, you will see a beautiful little cupcake appear. Your task is to click on it to collect. After collecting a certain amount, you will receive corresponding power-enhancing items. You can get gear boost power with every click or get automatic gear pickup every second. The more cupcakes, the more powerful the features are. The later you go, the more points you will receive.

This game is a simple clicker game that will help you entertain yourself after stressful study or work hours. With cute, bright colors and simple yet engaging gameplay, this game will bring you great experiences. Are you ready to join the sweet world with Cupcake Clicker? Click now!

How To Play

  • Click the mouse on the cupcake.
  • Buy items to increase your clickability.

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