Massive Multiplayer Platformer

Massive Multiplayer Platformer

Massive Multiplayer Platformer, an exciting multiplayer speedrun game inspired by the popular Vex series and it was developed by Griffpatch from Scratch. The objective of Massive Multiplayer Platformer is simple: run the course, collect the flags along the way, and make it back to the starting point to grab the final flag and record your time. It's a race against the clock, and the faster you complete the course, the better your chances of topping the leaderboard.

As you navigate the course, keep an eye out for the yellow player. That's none other than Griffpatch, the creator of the game, making a special appearance. Can you outrun the developer? At the top of the screen, you'll notice a rainbow player. This player holds the current record for the fastest time.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to control your player's movement.
  • If you prefer, you can use Z to crouch and SPACE to jump.
  • Press 'N' to display the names of all the players in the game.
  • Feeling expressive? Hold down either E or R to open the Emoji panels.
  • Once you complete the speed run and return to the starting point, your time will be reported, and you'll be rewarded with a parachute. Press the spacebar to deploy it and enjoy a stylish descent.
  • To identify individual players, hover your mouse over them to reveal their names.
  • For those focused on speed runs, you can quickly reset the level by pressing Q + R.

Special Moves:

  • Need a boost? Execute a High Jump by holding down and then pressing Up.
  • To make a Long Jump you just need to run, then quickly press Down and immediately follow it up with an Up command.
  • When faced with a slope, slide down it by pressing Down and either Left or Right.
  • Wall Jumping can be a game-changer, so, jump against a wall, then press Up again to propel yourself higher.


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