Cloud Platformer Multiplayer Fun

Cloud Platformer Multiplayer Fun

Cloud Platformer Multiplayer Fun is a super cool game created by Griffpatch from Scratch. It's got a whopping 100 mini games for you to enjoy!

How To Play

Use the cursor keys on your keyboard to move your character and make them jump. If you have a special ability, you can use the spacebar to activate it. 

  • Chat safely with other players, press "T". 
  • Get rid of a power-up, press "X". 
  • To respawn, press "R". 
  • If you're curious about your achievements, press "A". 
  • Toggle the names of other players, press "N". 

Oh, and don't forget, if you earn some hats, you can click on the hat icon in the top right corner to change your hat! If you want to do wall jumping, here's the secret: Hold the up key to jump, then when you touch a wall, don't let go of the up key! Keep holding it while you pull away from the wall. That's how you can wall jump like a pro!

Some useful tips: 

  • If you're aiming to get the Planetary Explorer achievement, here are some tips to make it easier. Try going into space as a vertically confused snail or a Mega Rainbow toad. You can also jump onto the roof of the Flappy station or become a Blue Butterfly, a Giant Gravity pig, a Fish, and a Blue Mega Jetpack. Those choices might help you unlock that achievement faster!
  • To quickly get to the Pony station from the spawn point, here's a trick. Move a bit away from the left platform next to the pony walls. Then, wall jump at the right edge of the platform and move back a bit before moving forward again. You'll find yourself at the left platform near the Pony station without having to go all the way around. Easy peasy!
  • In Mega Rainbow Flog, you can obtain the Mega Rainbow Toad character easily by following these steps. Move a bit farther back from your starting position, then aim straight left at the lowest position possible. Use maximum power to catapult yourself away. You should land on a platform near the Nyan Cat station, and from there, you can quickly jump to the gravity pig station. This trick works quite often and can be very useful.
  • You can reach the second small platform before the jetpack station in two different ways in Mini Rex. You can either jump as a T-Rex or as a normal pony from the highest and closest bottom spot. Once you're on the platform, you can reverse your path and easily make your way up to the Mini station.


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