Minecraft Platformer - Episode 2

Minecraft Platformer - Episode 2

Embark on your own adventure with Minecraft Platformer - Episode 2! Become your favorite Minecraft character and mine resources, utilize crafting, and make use of the items you have just crafted to solve puzzles! Complete each level as fast as you can to receive a grand surprise!

Made by Atomicmagicnumber, Minecraft Platformer - Episode 2 has simple yet engaging gameplay. It is a mixture of puzzle and platformer, drawing inspiration from the highly popular game Minecraft. In comparison to the first game, Minecraft Platformer - Episode 2 features more creatures and items, such as pandas, zombies, and different kinds of concoctions! You can chop down trees, mine for resources, and fight fearsome enemies with a diamond sword! If players manage to complete the level quickly, a maximum of five chests will appear for extra bonuses!

How To Play

  • Control Steve with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Collect resources, craft items, and place them with the spacebar.


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