Lightcube Platformer

Lightcube Platformer

Welcome to Lightcube Platformer, a fun and straightforward game developed by Firstject from Scratch. In this game, you'll take control of a cute cube that emits light. Your mission is to help the little cube find its way back home after being trapped inside a dark cave. The cave is filled with hazardous spiky rocks and urchins, but luckily, the cube's light can illuminate the darkness.

Guide the little cube through the cave, avoiding hazards, jumping over pits, and overcoming obstacles. Look out for keys to unlock doors and assist the cube in returning home safely. Keep shining your light to navigate through the dark environment and be cautious of the deceivingly cute, yet dangerous, spiky objects. Best of luck on your journey, and have a blast!

How To Play

  • Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move the cube.
  • Press the Up Arrow key to jump.


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