Miner Cat 2

Miner Cat 2

Become an inspiring miner and explore what the ground has to offer with Miner Cat 2! In this game, players take on the role of the Scratch Cat, who explores the underground with nothing but a pickaxe and a small bag to hold items. Dig for rare ores and sell them to acquire better tools and storage!

Inspired by the game Mining Simulator from Roblox, Coltroc created the game Miner Cat 2. In this game, the Scratch Cat becomes the main character. Players begin by digging the ground and discover new caves as they progress. However, there is no risk for the Scratch Cat since he can fall into a lava pool and lose all of his collected ores! The deeper you dig, the more expensive the ores, and you can acquire better tools to make your mining process a breeze!

How To Play

Control the Scratch Cat with the WASD or arrow keys. Click and hold a block nearby to mine it.

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