Miner Cat

Miner Cat

Miner Cat is a great mining game where you play as a miner cat who keeps mining to earn money and buy items. This game was developed by Coltroc from Scratch. Your job is to keep mining continuously. Each block represents a backpack, and whenever you mine a backpack, you can sell it to earn money. Here are the values for each type of block:

  • Brown block = $1
  • Grey block = $2
  • The grey block containing minerals can be worth $12, $15, or other amounts depending on the type and value of the mineral it contains.

The brown block is relatively easy to mine, as the cracks appear quickly, and you don't have to mine for a long time to collect it. On the other hand, the grey block and the grey block containing minerals are more challenging to collect. Patience is key when mining these blocks. To stay positive at work, remember this perspective: everything has its price, and it takes effort to earn a lot of money from it. Visit the shop and spend your hard-earned money there to get better items for more efficient mining.

How To Play

  • Use the WASD, Space, and Arrow keys to move.
  • Click on the blocks to mine them.
  • When you mine a block, a "sell all" button will appear. Click on it to sell the mined blocks.
  • Enter the shop to purchase pickaxes and backpacks.

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