Miner Cat 3

Miner Cat 3

The miner cat is back in action with Miner Cat 3, a game developed by Coltroc from Scratch. Get ready to join the hard-working cat on a new exciting mining adventure! Your objective is to continuously mine to earn money and purchase valuable items. But be prepared, because this time you won't be alone!

While mining and exploring, you'll encounter dangerous zombie-like monsters that can end your life. Fortunately, the game provides you with weapons to fight back and protect yourself. Each time you eliminate a monster, you'll earn $100. That's a lot of money, right? Remember, you have 10 lives to survive the challenges.

There are three types of blocks you'll mining:

  1. Brown blocks
  2. Grey blocks
  3. Grey blocks containing minerals

Make sure to visit the shop and spend your money on better items for more efficient mining and beating monsters. The shop offers five categories to cater to your needs:

  1. Pickaxes
  2. Backpacks
  3. Weapons
  4. Armour
  5. Others

How To Play

  • Move the cat using either WASD, Space, or Arrow Keys.
  • Mine or use items by clicking.
  • Select items using the numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4.


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