Ball King

Ball King

Welcome to the street world in Ball King! Are you ready to show off your basketball skills and dominate the streets as a skilled ball shooter? Get ready to sink as many rounds as possible and reach legendary status!

In Ball King, it's all about precision and finesse. Simply hold down the mouse to aim your shot with precision, then release to unleash your skills and send the ball soaring through the hoop. Make every shot count, as clean shots are worth double points, helping you move up the leaderboard.

Practice makes perfect in Ball King! Take advantage of unlimited shooting in practice mode to hone your technique and perfect your shots. And don't worry about police cars passing by. It's just for decoration, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the street basketball scene.

Written by the talented kevin_eleven_1234, Ball King promises hours of addictive fun as you try to overcome your opponents and cement your position as the undisputed king of the court. So grab your ball, hit the pavement, and let your skills do the talking in Ball King!

How To Play

  • Hold the mouse to aim, then release the mouse to throw it into the basket.

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