Block Bird

Block Bird

Block Bird will test any player's top-notch alignment and analysis abilities. With simple graphics and gameplay, you will encounter a real challenge for your judgment. The player's mission is to help the birds reach the platforms ahead smoothly. It's a shame these adorable characters can't fly. They can only move through boxes you arrange. How to create enough blocks to get the character to the next landing point is not simple. It all depends on your experience and effort to not give up.

How To Play

When the little bird smoothly steps onto a new platform, you will take one point. Continue until your character falls into a deep hole, then the game ends. Each turn, players will face different terrain arrangements. The bird can only move using blocks, so creating just enough steps is the key to success.


The command key of Block Bird is very simple: just hold down the mouse button. You adjust the time to hold the key so that the desired number of blocks is reached, then release your hand to let the bird start moving. At this point, you just need to wait for the results and hope that your analysis is correct before continuing.

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