Car Clash

Car Clash

Car Clash, where each race is a new challenge with tough roads and strong opponents. To win, you need to have excellent reflexes and driving skills. When you enter the race, you will face elite opponents. Your mission is to overtake them and complete the race in three laps and checkpoints. On the track, concentration and focus on the goal are the keys to success. With an overview map displayed in the right corner of the screen, you can easily preview the turns and turns of the track, helping you optimally plan each turn.

However, don't get too engrossed in the map and forget to observe and react quickly to your surroundings. Be strong and drive the car forward, face all challenges; and compete with annoying opponents. Your score will depend on the car's finishing position. In addition, you can upgrade your supercar at the Garage with bonus money after each race. Only through constant practice and unrelenting determination will you become a true champion of Car Clash.

How To Play

  • UP arrow: move forward; press and hold to accelerate.
  • DOWN arrow: go backwards.
  • LEFT arrow: steer left.
  • RIGHT arrow: steer right.

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