Car Parking Challenge

Car Parking Challenge

Welcome to Car Parking Challenge, an exciting parking game created by Awesome-llama from Scratch! Your mission is to conquer each level by skillfully parking your car in the designated spaces. Pay close attention to the rectangle markings and align your car within them. When the indicator turns green, it means you're correctly aligned. Hold your position for 2 seconds to secure your victory!

How To Play

Now, you might be wondering why this game is so challenging. Well, the name says it all—it's a car parking challenge! Expect it to test your skills and push your limits. Remember, even if level 6 seems impossible, it's not. Keep in mind that cars can drive backward, and you'll find a way to overcome the obstacles.

As for the car's speed and braking, they are intentionally designed to provide a realistic parking experience. You don't need to drive at high speeds or slam on the brakes with full force when trying to park. Take it easy and find the right balance.


  • Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control your car's movements.
  • Don't worry about losing your progress. You can save your game for later by utilizing the convenient buttons located at the top of the level selector.

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