Cave Platformer

Cave Platformer

Cave Platformer with a little adventurer is waiting for you to explore the mysteries of dangerous caves. With a small cube-shaped lens and signature adventure hat, you'll embark on this never-ending adventure. Your goal seems simple: just overcome the obstacles and reach the end of each level. Controlling your character isn't just a matter of jumping and moving. To succeed, you must grasp the exact moment to jump and dash in the best way, stay away from dangerous areas and explore dark cave paths.

But don't worry; you're not alone in Cave Platformer. Support objects will appear to help you overcome challenges. Take advantage of them effectively to win in the shortest time and advance to the final goal. Each level in the game corresponds to a short passage in the cave. With limited space, the difficulty of each level will increase, requiring you to have sophistication and ingenuity in every step. You will take turns conquering these arduous paths, with increasing obstacle difficulty.

How To Play

You can use the keyboard or mouse keys to control the small cube. Note that your character has a small slip every time he lands. Therefore, please align properly to avoid any unfortunate incidents!

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