Cleaning the Islands

Cleaning the Islands

Cleaning The Islands is an entertaining role-playing game where the goal is to collect resources and build the island. Starting the game, the player will play the role of a person who has drifted to a deserted island and, in his hand, only has an ax. Help him cut down trees, collect wood, and bring it to the dock to sell to traders; you will get gold coins in return. You can use gold coins to build buildings and buy animals. You will need to go to the surrounding small islands to collect resources, then return to your island to sell them and build other structures on your island. Later on, the islands will have more rich resources; collect them all. Be careful with demons and pests; defeat them so they don't harm your resources. Are you ready for the journey to build your own island? Let's get started now!


How To Play

  • Hold down the left mouse button to move the character.

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