Colored Gates

Colored Gates

Colored Gates is a driving game with creative rules and unexpected challenges. You will be on an adventure on a straight road, but don't let the peaceful scenery fool you. The main task in this game is to control your car through a gate whose color matches the current color of the car. The special thing is that the car will automatically change colors continuously, requiring you to always be ready and focused to be able to react promptly.

You are only allowed to make mistakes up to three times before the round ends. This poses quite a challenge, and you will have to show ingenuity and determination to get through each color window. Although it seems simple, Colored Gates is actually a game filled with fun and potential. You can enjoy exciting moments of entertainment without too many complicated challenges. Give this game a try and see how you can complete it!

How To Play

You use the left and right arrows to maneuver the direction of the car's movement. The speed of the main object is extremely stable, so observing the colorful gates in front of it is completely possible. Please quickly change lanes to adapt to the correct color. Have fun and have impressive high scores!

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