Counter Craft 5

Counter Craft 5

Counter Craft 5 continues to provide an attractive gunfight space with a large arsenal. Repel all zombie threats on the famous Dust 2 map. Strategically shoot TNT boxes to defeat the incoming zombies. The level of shooting technique and quick reaction are really important. The number of zombies to defeat increases as you play longer. Improve your skills while unlocking more upgraded weapons.


  • Observe while moving to detect targets, and aim accurately to defeat them.
  • The arena has many areas, so hide and appear at the right time to ensure safety.
  • Choose the right weapon to increase the rate of completing the target faster and repel all the blocky zombies.

How To Play

This next game brings many attractive weapons. Play and unlock each weapon to discover them all.

  • Move character = WASD
  • Shoot = Left click
  • Swipe = Switch weapon
  • Jump up = Space
  • Run fast = Shift
  • Slow down = T

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