Craft Drill

Craft Drill

Embark on a thrilling mining and crafting adventure in Craft Drill, a simulation game that seamlessly combines the arts of drilling, crafting, and strategic resource extraction. In this game, your task is to go deep underground on many islands, using a drill suspended on a rope to excavate valuable raw materials such as stone, coal, iron, and gems.

Start your journey with a modest $500, ready to make initial adjustments to your basic workout. Watch as wooden attachments tear through soil and rock, depositing valuable materials onto conveyor belts that push them to waiting trucks through a hopper. As you sell and transport these materials to earn money, your upgrade opportunities will expand, allowing your drill to grow from a rudimentary engine into a complex device capable of shifting left and right. deep underground. Upgrade motors, cord lengths, and accessories to enhance your drilling capabilities. Replace wooden attachments with metal shovels or various types of picks, or invest in a jackhammer to dislodge stubborn rocks. Craft Drill introduces additional ways to earn money, such as spinning the lucky wheel or opening treasure chests to get free coins and explosive fees.

Experience the thrill of excavation, the joy of crafting, and the satisfaction of strategic upgrading in Craft Drill. Get ready for your drills, sharpen your focus and explore a world of possibilities beneath the surface!

How To Play

  • Use the green arrow to access the upgrade pop-up screen.
  • Invest startup money to upgrade one of the attachments.
  • Use a drill to dig soil and pour materials onto the conveyor belt.
  • Wait for the truck to be full before selling the ingredients.
  • Make more upgrades to enhance drilling capabilities.
  • Repeat the process of digging and upgrading through levels.
  • Fill the gauge with the blue flag on the left side of the screen to progress.
  • Use the arrows below the gauge to toggle between underground drilling and surface traffic views.


  • Keyboard: Use the arrow keys to operate the drill.
  • Mouse: Click on the buttons and drag the mouse to use the drill.
  • Mobile: Tap the buttons and tap or drag your finger or stylus to operate the drill.

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