Doodle Jumping: Christmas

Doodle Jumping: Christmas

Step into the enchanting realm of Doodle Jumping: Christmas, a delightful rendition of the popular high-bouncing puzzle game. Immerse yourself in a festive ambiance brimming with joy and the spirit of Christmas. Your objective is to skillfully maneuver your Doodle character through a series of exhilarating high-bouncing challenges, deftly avoid obstacles, and strategically collect items to achieve the highest score possible.

Navigate through the winter wonderland of Doodle Jumping: Christmas, adorned with charming graphics and accompanied by lively festive music. Leap from the snowy landscapes to captivating Christmas scenes, encountering a cast of endearing characters, including Santa Claus, reindeer, and a host of delightful surprises. Collect tools along the way to enhance your jumping abilities and score.

Exercise caution with each jump, for a slight misstep could lead to loss. Doodle Jumping: Christmas not only offers entertaining gameplay but also serves as a magical journey, transporting you to a warm and festive world. Embark on this creative adventure and bask in the joy of Christmas through the imaginative lens of this captivating game!

How To Play

  • To control the jump, use the keyboard.

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