Dreamazon takes you on a journey to spread beautiful dreams to all things around the world. You will experience a simulation game that combines the unique creativity of great imagination. The game requires the ability to navigate and analyze the terrain accurately. You need to clearly understand the properties of objects to have timely avoidance strategies.

Entrancing gameplay

Gamers will play the role of a lovely dream delivery person. Step on your sky cable and start your journey of spreading good things. In particular, your character has an extremely interesting delivery method: sliding through chimneys. However, the task is not so simple. The little character needs to overcome a series of challenges and troublesome obstacles. You even have to confront scary creatures and try to destroy them with the available tools.

Your target is to deliver goods to all five houses. You need to take turns at each location to win and open up the next adventure. The difficulty level at each level is clearly shown on the information board when arriving at the stop. Wishing you a happy delivery with Dreamazon!

How To Play

Because there are many challenges to overcome, players must first understand the controls and interactions in this dream world.

  • Use the arrow or WASD keys to move.
  • Press the E key to interact.
  • Hold the spacebar to use the flashlight blast.
  • Move the mouse to change the flashlight direction.

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