RIFT CHASE is an exciting and incredibly cool driving and drifting game that will get your adrenaline pumping. Created by FreNZyFIRE from Scratch, this game is perfect for racing enthusiasts who love the thrill of high-speed pursuits, escaping from the cops, and performing stunning drifts. 

In this game, you'll find yourself being chased by a fleet of determined police cars. Your mission is to outpace them by going as fast as possible and evading capture. Be careful not to crash along the way, as that would end your escape. Additionally, keep an eye out for emojis scattered throughout the game. Collecting them will unlock special customization options. And don't forget to earn money during your escape to visit the shop and purchase new cars!

How To Play

  • Use [A/D], arrows, or tap on the left side of the screen to turn left, and tap on the right side to turn right.
  • Skillfully evade the chasing cars and make them crash!
  • Collect emojis to unlock and customize your game.
  • Remember to save your progress in the settings menu for a seamless gaming experience.


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