FlappyCat Crazy Copters

FlappyCat Crazy Copters

Begin your trip to explore the sky by controlling a cat in FlappyCat Crazy Copters. Playing the Flappy Bird-inspired game is a great experience. Navigate the chopper to ensure that the cat travels as far into the sky as possible. However, in the future, our kitties will confront numerous challenging obstacles. When cats move too low or fly too high, they face risks. Pay attention to the blades above; otherwise, one minute of negligence will result in you losing control and falling to the bottom. It is tough to train your cat to fly horizontally and steadily, but with practice, you can succeed. Overcome the obstacle and complete your quest!

How To Play

The primary purpose is to make FlappyCat fly as high as possible. The player can navigate by pressing the arrow keys or clicking the mouse. Avoid hitting any obstructions. The higher you soar, the more points you earn.

Tips and tricks

If you've played Flappy Bird previously, you'll grasp the rules for this game. Playing is easy; winning and progressing are more challenging. Continue playing until you comprehend the game's rules. Patience will help you succeed in this game.

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