Flying Bee

Flying Bee

Flying Bee is a fast-paced item-collecting game that challenges players' improvisational abilities. You will play the role of a hardworking bee trying to collect precious pollen grains. Your goal is to survive as long as possible through a series of formidable attacks and dangers. You need to navigate the main character flexibly to collect and dodge effectively.

Master the Rules of This Game

The round begins when your adorable character is flying around a tree as usual. Pay attention to detecting falling pollen grains and collecting them. At the same time, avoid the stingers that appear suddenly to avoid losing your life. Your bee can attack enemies with its stingers, but the number available is limited. You need to collect more to increase your character's defense ability.

During Flying Bee's journey, the main character only has three hearts. If you let these three lives disappear, the game will end, and you will lose. Dangers that can threaten the main character's life also include raindrops. However, don't worry too much because these hearts sometimes fall with pollen. Try to collect these accessibility items to extend your character's survival time!

How To Play

Players can choose one of two ways to navigate the bee:

  • With the keyboard: arrow keys or WASD keys.
  • With the mouse: hold down and move.

Besides, you can activate the attack feature for the character by pressing the spacebar.

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