Welcome to the exciting world of Fortnite, a game steeped in the battle royale genre. Here, survival is the key, and only the last one standing is the winner. Fortnite is a hit battle royale game where hundreds of players will face off to become the last survivor in an urgently closed world. With its characteristics, Fortnite is not only a shooting game but also an unlimited building experience. Players will start the match on an island and must quickly collect items such as weapons, ammunition, and armor to protect themselves. While fighting, the outer circle becomes increasingly narrower, forcing players to move and fight to avoid being eliminated from the match.

Written by 5j-essex, Fortnite is a scratch version of the popular game of the same name. While still retaining the gameplay and basic strategies of the original game, in this version, the game will become easier to suit players of all ages. With a smaller map, the graphics are closer and more user-friendly. Fortnite promises to be a game that captivates children and adults alike. Fortnite is not just a game but an adventure, a battle for survival full of strategy and thinking. What will you do in the race for the last survivor position? Start your adventure and experience Fortnite today!

How To Play

  • Use WASD to move.


  • Survival Is Most Important: Try to survive to the end to win.
  • Collect Items: Weapons, ammunition, and armor will help you defend yourself and destroy your opponents.
  • Construction Is the Key to Victory: Use construction abilities to create shelter or strategic battle locations.
  • Tactical Design: Master your tactics, defeat your opponents, and hold your own in difficult situations.
  • Coping with the Shrinking Circle: Avoid losing blood and being eliminated from the match by staying within the ever-shrinking circle.
  • Creative Freedom: Use construction elements to create unique structures and gain an advantage in battle.

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