Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure

Within Gorilla Adventure, it is thrilling to explore the fascinating and exciting world of modern technology. Appreciate complex visual design. You will be sucked into an unimaginably exciting journey at every turn. Attempt to expertly jump onto as many levels as you can. Make tactical moves to move far away. Although it is not too hard, mastering how to handle the hammer takes practice. That should be your base for all of your high and long jumps.

Challenges and interesting games

It is hard to beat Gorilla Adventure's physics-based gaming. The player's job is to do everything they can to use the hammer well and move the figure forward a lot. In this adventure game, the land is very dangerous, so that's not easy. Huge buildings or things are made to float in the air in luxurious towns. Use smart navigation to get to even more difficult jumping spots.

How To Play

You can easily direct every movement with the mouse. Get the hammer in the opposite position and give it a good push for each higher jump.

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