Grasslands 3

Grasslands 3

Grasslands 3 continues the adventure with new and more dramatic challenges than ever. You will once again transform into a small character and travel through the green grasslands. Be careful with platforms full of dangers.

Each level in Grasslands 3 gives you a unique and different challenge. You will encounter spikes, lava, hidden sharp objects, etc. Sharpness and quick reflexes are the decisive factors in helping you successfully overcome all challenges. In addition, the interesting part of this series is the break-out segments. Occasionally, your cube will step onto a completely safe platform. Here, players will receive a reminder, a warning, to simply have fun.

Unlock the new features

  • New adventures platform with maps in caves and narrow passages.
  • Sharp spikes hidden in the bushes challenge the player's vision.
  • The obstacles are of outstanding size.

How To Play

Your little cube can jump to any height if there is a wall or spikeless platform. However, there is a slight physical impact that causes the character to move a little every time he lands from above. Players need to clearly understand this feature to have the most accurate key operations. You just need to use the familiar arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate your cube.

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