Griffpatch's Tower Defence

Griffpatch's Tower Defence

Griffpatch's Tower Defence is a gripping strategy game in which players become commanders and deploy a series of turrets and weapons to stop the intruders from entering the place. As simple as it sounds, the enemy’s strength increases with each wave, making it much more difficult to stop the enemies in their tracks! Do you have what it takes to survive through Wave 100?

Griffpatch's Tower Defence features four different difficulty modes along with tons of map design to hone your strategizing skills. Each game begins with a limited amount of cash, which can be used to purchase your first turrets to take down enemies. With each enemy defeated, players will gain some coins to invest in their defense even further. Get ready for a series of enemies with completely different strengths and weaknesses, or even bosses with plenty of health that will put your defense skills to the limit!

How To Play

  • Click to interact with the game.

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