Infuriated Bird

Infuriated Bird

Prepare to command the skies and speed in the thrilling adventure world of Infuriated Bird! Control the bird to move continually while avoiding obstacles and columns along the way. Bonus cash can unlock many intriguing character skins. This is also a fun interactive game that will keep you entertained throughout your free time. Use your talents and quick reflexes to overcome all obstacles. This includes birds swooping at you, bombs, wooden blocks, and land islands.

How To Play

Enjoy fascinating gameplay and put your abilities to the test as you avoid obstacles and collect cash. Endless paths filled with difficulties await you to discover. Navigate with successive clicks to send the bird soaring uninterrupted.

Tips and tricks

Pick a time to bring the bird up and down to a reasonable height. Avoid colliding with columns when collecting gold coins. The longer you go, the more you'll learn about character navigation. Master control allows for numerous different character concepts.

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