Military Cubes 2048

Military Cubes 2048

Discover the fun of the exciting challenge of Military Cubes 2048, combining the classic gameplay of 20248 with the puzzle genre. Skillfully arrange the positions of the numbers to successfully create the largest value in 2048. Smart strategies take you further with increasingly improved achievements. It's great that the gameplay of the classic game 2048 is being exploited and is becoming more creative. Each block contains its own value, and you need to be quick to combine them in the right position.

Outstanding features

  • Maintain the maximum value of 2048 as the standard to bring players into computational challenges.
  • Choose the falling position for the block to combine numbers with larger values and complete the goal quickly.
  • The higher your score, the position on the leaderboard will change, becoming the best.

How To Play

Combine values together to form a larger value. Blocks with great value should be arranged in a certain position. Click to move the block to the drop position and proceed with merging. Don't let small values intertwine with many large block values. Messy arrangements take up a lot of space and make it difficult for you to control the placement of other blocks.

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