Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Mini Golf offers the experience of a technical sports-themed game. Designed in the form of a miniature golf course, this game requires players to be able to accurately align each shot. Your goal is only one: get the ball into the hole. But don't let that simplicity fool you, because each level is full of thrilling challenges. One of the special features of the game is that you can make as many shots as you want. There's no need to worry about the number of shots, as long as you can get the ball into the final hole. This creates a free space for you to implement strategies and experiment with hitting techniques.

The difficulty level of Mini Golf depends on the golf course design. Although trying to create obstacles for gamers, with unlimited play, overcoming them is just a matter of time. However, to be able to have fun and practice at the same time, try to do it in as few shots as possible. Adjust both direction and shooting force accurately to score impressive goals!

How To Play

You hold down and move the mouse to adjust the direction and force of the ball. Pay attention to the shadows of the main entity; this is the moving trajectory. You need to drag the mouse in the opposite direction from the main direction and release your finger to perform the operation.

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