Music Rush

Music Rush

Fly through the notes and complete the melody of the complete song as you jump across the platforms of Music Rush. Avoid obstacles and try your hand at 15 original songs. Attractive genres ranging from electronic, rock, and disco to pop, tap, etc. are ready. Travel long distances with skillful control skills and quick reflexes. Watch so your character doesn't collide with spikes or shoot down gaps. Simple gameplay, top rhythm-all types of players can participate. Beautiful graphic colors take you into a truly epic music space. 

Outstanding features

  • Assign fifteen custom-designed music tracks to the game for fans.
  • Fast-paced gameplay combined with brass music opens up creative challenges.
  • Jump over platforms with dexterity and quick reflexes to avoid obstacles.

How To Play

Click once, and the character will jump up. Just don't let it touch or fall into obstacles or traps. Move far away and experience top-notch music right away.

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