ORE Tycoon

ORE Tycoon

Welcome to the world of ORE Tycoon, where you will start by manually clicking to collect ore and then grow your mining empire by purchasing automated miners and upgrading ores to maximize their value. ORE Tycoon is a business and strategy simulation game created by Coltroc. In this world, you will go on a journey from manually collecting ore to building an automated mining team and optimizing ore value to become a great mining entrepreneur. Start by clicking on the first mine to begin the process of manually collecting ore. Buy automatic mining machines to reduce manual work and increase mining efficiency. Use income to upgrade the quality of ore, increasing value and profit. Build a stronger mining team, buy more mines, and expand your empire.

ORE Tycoon not only provides a business experience but also an adventure exploring automation and optimization in the mining industry. How will you take your empire to the top? Join now and experience the excitement of managing an extremely unique mining team.

How To Play

Use A or D, arrow keys, or touch to control the camera and manage the entire mining team.

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