Polygon is a cube adventure in a world of complex shapes. Players will go on a journey with a block that can jump and move through tricky terrain. However, it all depends on your guiding ability. You need to move the main entity to jump over various blocks and platforms to reach the blue land.

An interesting feature of this game comes from the colors of the blocks. Each color represents a different property. When your character stands on white terrain, it will move and stick. When you step towards the yellow cubes, the main object will jump continuously. For green blocks, this is your destination. The distance between shapes in the world of Polygon is no joke. This will definitely be an extremely difficult adventure for any player. You need to clearly understand the movement characteristics of the cube to align the jumping position appropriately.

How To Play

Your goal is to guide the cube to jump across platforms and reach the finish line. You can observe from multiple angles to analyze the location and distance between landing spots by using the arrow keys or moving the mouse. To navigate your block, you use the WASD keys and the spacebar to jump up. Levels will open one by one as soon as you complete the mission.

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