Shapes and Bombs

Shapes and Bombs

Shapes and Bombs will take you into a fierce confrontation of shapes. You will control a small entity trying to protect the heart of this creative world. Your mission is to prevent the invasion of other cubes and bullets. This never-ending battle will take place at a fast pace, which can make you dizzy. Players need to concentrate to quickly detect enemies and destroy them. The more threats your character destroys, the bigger his heart will be, and vice versa. Until the center of the planet becomes small and receives a direct impact that causes it to explode, the round ends.

Shapes and Bombs is a game of speed and improvisation. Cubes and bullets will move in unpredictable directions and speeds. The only thing you can do is direct your character to destroy all approaching dangers. If you have practiced to the expert level, then try Boss Difficulty mode. This formidable difficulty level will be the ultimate challenge with suffocating attacks.

How To Play

The main character in this game is the purple triangle. You use the mouse to direct the character's movements. Your triangle will automatically knock down opponents and smash bullets as soon as it touches them. Pay attention to collecting items such as bombs to detonate within a certain range, energy tanks to increase the size of the main shape, and so on.

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