Skibidi Toilet vs Cameraman Sniper Game

Skibidi Toilet vs Cameraman Sniper Game

Embark on a humorous and thrilling confrontation when performing missions with Skibidi Toilet Vs Cameraman Sniper Game. Play the cameraman, confronting the famous toilet character. Avoid the cameraman's lenses. Remove all cameras and preserve Skibidi Toilet's existence. Aim accurately, hit the right players, and earn extra points. Compete with friends for the highest score in this entertaining and challenging game. You will be equipped with a variety of vehicles and weapons to carry out your missions in each area of the city. Just listening to it makes me feel really attractive.

How To Play

  • Use the WASD keys to move around the large city map.
  • Use your mouse to aim and shoot at the Skibidi toilets that are coming your way.
  • Hold Shift to run quickly; when running out of ammo, press R to reload quickly.
  • In between attacks, use the money you earn to upgrade your weapons.

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