Sonic Frenzy 2

Sonic Frenzy 2

Welcome to the exciting world of Sonic Frenzy 2—the sequel to the classic fan game Sonic Frenzy! Created by the unique talent -Rocket-, this game is a fast and colorful adventure with new innovations, familiar characters, and unique features.

In this game, you will choose between Sonic, Tails, or Mighty and explore a fast-paced world with each character's unique abilities. Use flexible controls to pass levels and face exciting challenges. Run through seven awesome retro levels where evil gangsters await. Find hidden Chaos Emeralds in each level to increase your power and unlock new abilities. Experience variety with mods, from adding new elements to the game to adjusting settings to create a customized gaming experience to your liking. Sonic Frenzy 2 supports both computers and mobile phones, with many different game modes, so you can enjoy the game anywhere. Harness the power of the Chaos Gems you find to upgrade skills, from cookie size to movement speed, and even purchase unique crowns with x10 effects. With smooth controls, Sonic Frenzy 2 offers the freedom to perform various techniques like jumping, spindash, and even drop dash while you're jumping.

Get ready for adventure filled with excitement and non-stop speed with Sonic Frenzy 2, where fantasy and speed meet!

How To Play

  • Initiate the adventure by pressing the spacebar or clicking.
  • Navigate through the game using the arrow keys, WASD, along with the spacebar, mouse, or touch screen.
  • To accelerate, utilize the left or right arrow keys.
  • Jump into action by pressing the spacebar or the up arrow key.
  • Initiate a spin dash with the down arrow key.
  • Execute a roll by pressing the left or right arrow combined with the down arrow.
  • Perform a drop dash by pressing down while in mid-jump.

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