Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook will take you into a unique challenging world with creative terrain designs. You will play the role of a stickman with an extraordinary ability: fishing hooks. The game will take you on adventures through a series of dangerous terrains. Your goal is to pass each level, avoid dangerous obstacles, and complete missions. Having bouncy pads will help your character perform more powerful jumps, but it can also cause you to encounter difficult challenges, depending on your strategy and skills.

With just a simple tap-and-release operation, you can maneuver the stickman to move with the hook. Aim precisely, stick to the grip point, and release your hands to perform skillful jumps. The designs in each level of Stickman Hook are subtly minimalist, allowing you to focus completely on the main goal without being distracted by any complicated effects. That is the secret to overcoming all the challenges in this game!

How To Play

You hold down the mouse to let the stickman maintain its swing state at the pillars, and you release your hand to let the character fly away. Pay attention to the elasticity of mattresses to have reasonable strategies. A small tip for you is that you should not release your hand under any circumstances if there is a barrier ahead. Find the right landing spot on the jumping pads to jump higher and overcome difficult terrain.

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